Sigma 2-16K centrifuge

Sigma 2-16K Centrifuge

  • Universal refrigerated table top centrifuge similar to SIGMA 2-16 but with integrated refrigeration system.
  • Low space requirement due to the compact design.
  • Maintenance-free brushless drive motor.
  • User friendly preselection and display for gravitational field, speed, rotor, time and temperature.
  • Temperature control even during standstill of the rotor, CFC-free refrigerant (R 134a).
  • Efficient refrigeration at low temperatures.
  • Optimum safety according to national and international regulations (IEC 1010).
  • Free programming of all centrifugation parameters, single knob control, LCD-screen on request.
  • Available with heating device up to 60°C

For a list of rotors and accessories download the datasheet Sigma 2-16P & 2-16PK