Scispin Mini Microfuge

SciSpin Mini Laboratory Microfuge

The SciSpin MINI Microfuge is the smallest laboratory centrifuge in the range and is ideally suited to quick spin-downs. It is small enough to be completely portable and yet has the power to make it an ideal equipment solution for research laboratories, doctors surgeries, educational institutions and mobile clinics. The range of capacities lend themselves to a multitude of applications, including pelleting of DNA and RNA samples, pelleting of PCR amplified nucleic acids, separation of antibody and protein precipitates, performing enzymatic tests, removing cell debris from cell homogenates, and achieving bacterial and yeast cell fractionation.


  • Ultra compact design
  • Four lid colour options: green, blue, yellow & pink
  • Max 7,000 RPM / 2,680 g
  • Includes 8 x 1.5 / 2.2 ml & 16 x PCR tubes
  • Dual lid lock for safety
  • Whisper quiet, <45dB
  • Ideal for quick spin downs and micro filtration
  • Rapid acceleration and deceleration
  • Close lid to begin run & open to stop
  • Supplied with both rotors