Ohaus balances

Scout® Pro
Best-selling portable balance
Designed for use in laboratory, industrial or education applications, the OHAUS Scout® Pro features easy-to-use two-button operation, a high-contrast LCD display, multiple weighing units, four application modes, and the option of either RS232 or USB connectivity, the Scout Pro is the portable balance for your needs!

Shipping and calibration locks
Option for user to “snap in” an RS232 or USB Interface (cable included) Superior shock resistance and overload protection

The Best Balance For Basic Laboratory Weighing!
The OHAUS Pioneer series of precision balances offer accurate and fast weighing operation in a simple-to-use balance. With various features that support its performance, the Pioneer is ideal for all basic laboratory weighing needs.

The Pioneer offers basic weighing, parts counting and percent weighing along with 15 weighing units to support varied weighing needs.

The up-front level indicator is located right next to the display and allows you to quickly make sure the balance is level prior to each use.

Pioneer is designed with selectable environmental settings and three filter modes in order to ensure accurate operation in a variety of settings

Adventurer™ Pro
The Most Complete Balance in Its Class!
The OHAUS Adventurer Pro is full of features that support the weighing needs of almost any laboratory application. With multiple connectivity options, weigh below hook, six application modes, and capacities from 150g to 4100g, the Adventurer Pro precision balances are the most versatile in their class.

SmarText™ software utilizes text prompts to guide users through application use and balance set up.

Adventurer Pro’s QuadraStance™ design offers four feet that provide weighing stability no matter what surface you are working on.

Optional InCal™ internal calibration ensures weighing accuracy by eliminating the need to calibrate the balance with external weights.

Intelligent Performance No Matter How Difficult The Task!
The OHAUS Explorer features SmarText™ 2.0, our user-friendly application-based graphical software platform in concert with a redesigned antistatic draftshield, enhanced weighing performance, and a flexible modular display that detaches from the weighing base. Ingeniously striking a balance between cutting-edge technology and functional design, the Explorer delivers accurate performance that will improve your efficiency in the lab

Explorer offers optimized linearity and repeatability specifications, enhanced vibration filtering for better balance stability, as well as AutoCal™ automatic internal calibration to improve accuracy.

A large color touch-screen display, icon-driven application software that features 14 unique application modes, and an adjustable angle display make Explorer the most advanced balance in its class.

Explorer’s modular design features a color touch display that can be separated from the weighing base for ultimate flexibility in any workspace.

Discovery Semi-Micro and Analytical
The Professional´s Choice for Analytical Applications up to 0.01mg!
The OHAUS Discovery series of semi-micro and analytical balances combine unmatched weighing performance with OHAUS’ innovative SmarText™ software. The Discovery features durable glass and steel construction and advanced AutoCal™ internal calibration, performance you would expect to find only in premium-priced balances.

The Discovery offers the highest performance in its class with repeatability and linearity performance that is two times better than most balances in its class.

Advanced AutoCal™ dual weight automatic internal calibration system ensures accurate weighing without the need of external weights.

SmarText™ Software guides users through application use and balance setup.