Crushing and High Speed Mixing Technology

As one of the very few manufacturers worldwide, ART’s focus has been on this specific field of activity. They offer you solutions from lab to production size which will clearly minimize your daily work effort and help you raise your productivity.

By the use of the rotor/stator-based MICCRA-Series, more expensive, complex and time-consuming methods like ultrasonic-, Ball-mill and high pressure applications can be replaced as a highly effective process alternative.

If you are handling with:

  • Dispersing
  • Homogenizing
  • Emulsifying
  • Suspending
  • Cell disruption
  • Sample preparation
  • Wet grinding
  • Crushing
  • Disagglomerating
  • High speed mixing
  • Aeration

and similar applications on a daily basis, they might have the right answer for your questions.

We also would like to show you the unbeatable advantages of the price/performance-winner in the dispersing-, homogenizing and high speed mixing technology “MADE IN GERMANY”.

MICCRA D-1 – “The tiny one”
The economy drive MICCRA D-1 is a small hand-held dispersing and homogenizing device for volumes from 0.1 up to 500 ml.It was especially developed for volumes treated ind the bio- and gene technology. It’s an economic drive for a small price with a “soft-touch” housing. More powerful and high-speed than comparable systems on the market
MICCRA D-3/PA – “The independent”
The first battery homogenizer with exclusive high power. This 350 watt drive is superior even to some mains operated devices.An unmatched rpm to power ratio comes up by its 12V DC motor. It works up easily big sample volumes Or have you ever homogenized 5.000 ml with a 12V drive?
MICCRA D-9 – “The genius”
Light, compact, strong and extremely high speed.These are the topics of this extraordinary drive which fits to all common laboratory applications from the agrarian technology to cell biology. A unique volume range from 0.1 up to 20.000 ml can be handled with this unit an its unequalled results.
MICCRA D-15 – “The powerful”
Despite its small size, this drive is a real high power unit.The successor of the MICCRA D-13, with its integrated constant electronics and its more powerful 1520 Watt motor works out large volumes, keeping a constant speed even with increasing viscosities.