P4 Vario-Planetary Mill


The Pulverisette 4 is a large freestanding unit specifically designed for the production of new materials through mechanical alloying in materials research. Unlike traditional planetary ball mills, the P4 vario-planetary ball mill can be used to configure the rotational speed of the grinding bowls and the rotating disc separately. This is achieved by modification of the gear ratio, which makes mechanical alloying and mechanical activation possible.

Rotational speeds of upto 400rpm can be used to prepare samples in two grinding bowls of 12ml, 45ml, 80ml, 250ml and 500ml. NB: A special adapter needs to be used for the 12ml, 45ml and 80ml grinding bowls. As with the Classic Line 5 and 6 balls mills, the P4 can accommodate 4 x 80ml grinding bowls (by locating one on top of the other) in the working station. However; this is not possible with the 12ml or 45ml grinding bowls.

The P4 ball mill can be used to directly influence the movement and direction of travel of the grinding balls during operation. Depending upon which setting is used, it is possible to obtain either high impact energy or high friction energy.

Intermediate levels of impact based or friction based sample preparation can be selected. These levels are controlled by integral software in which up to nine programmes can be saved and loaded for operation of the mill.

The P4 vario-planetary ball mill provides optimum grinding conditions for the material being prepared depending upon the size of the grinding bowls and the milling balls.


Advantages of the Fritsch P4 Ball Mill


  • Variable configurable sample preparation conditions impact and / or friction.
  • Rotational speeds of up to 400rpm.
  • Simultaneous processing of two samples.
  • Sample preparation under and inert atmosphere.
  • Gas temperature and pressure measurement system available.
  • Final fineness of 0.1μm.
  • Maximum working capacity of 2 x 22ml.
  • Grinding bowl sizes of 12ml, 45ml, 80ml, 250ml and 500ml.


Design Characteristics of the Fritsch P4 Ball Mill


  • Full programming of the grinding parameters, including the number of cycles and the pause times through the PC controlled software.
  • Real time display of the rotation speed for monitoring the grinding process.
  • Forced air ventilation of the grinding chamber.
  • Safety inter-lock built into the grinding chamber.
  • Overload protection and rotational speed adjustment.
  • Safety tested CE mark.
  • 2 year guarantee.