P25 Power Cutting Mill

Pulverisette 25

This classically designed cutting mill sets the standard for sample preparation. PULVERISETTE 25 is suitable for the grinding of soft to medium to hard dry materials, with a maximum feed size of 120 x 85mm and a throughput of upto 85l/hour. The PULVERISETTE 25 is a very versatile cutting mill and may be used to mill animal feeds, bones, fibres, wood, non-metallic waste, dried meat and straw with a maximum feed size of 120x 85mm.

The grinding chamber of the PULVERISETTE 25 houses a rotor in combination with the three fixed blades in the grinding chamber wall gives the initial material size reduction. The three fixed blades are set at different angles, which means that the material is both crushed and ground before it is carried by the permanent air flow through the instrument to the sieve cassette. Sieve cassette sizes for the FRITSCH PULVERISETTE 25 cutting vary from 1mm through to 10mm. The cutting rotor and the sieve cassette are easily removed for thorough cleaning between samples.

The cutting mill door has an easy open and close catch mechanism with a built in safety lock. This prevents access to the moving parts during operation. In a similar manner the removal of the collection vessel during operation stops the cutting mill immediately to prevent injury.

A variety of cutting materials are available to suit the application including tool steel, chromium free steel and hard metal tungsten carbide.

The PULVERISETTE 25 can be mounted on a bench or an optional stand for easy access. Finer grinding of samples can be done in a single step by using a combination of the PULVERISETTE 25 with the PULVERISETTE 19 and the Cyclone Separator. Available in three phase electrical supply only