P19 Universal Cutting Mill

Pulverisette 19

The P19 cutting mill is suitable for the grinding of soft to medium to hard dry materials, with a maximum feed size of 70 x 80mm and a throughput of upto 60Kg/hour. The P19 is a very versatile cutting mill and may be used to mill the following: animal feeds, bones, fibres, wood, non-metallic waste, dried meat and straw.

The grinding chamber of the P19 houses a rotor, which in combination with the three fixed blades (in the grinding chamber wall) gives the initial material size reduction. The three fixed blades are set at different angles, which means that the material is both crushed and ground before it is carried (by the permanent air flow through the instrument) to the sieve cassette. Sieve cassette sizes for the Fritsch P19 cutting vary from 0.25mm through to 6mm.


Advantages of the Fritsch P19 Cutting Mill

  • Easy to use and clean.
  • Fast reproducible grinding.
  • A choice of final fineness, depending on the size of the sieve cassette used.
  • A very versatile cutting mill, which can be adapted for wide variety of materials.
  • Safety tested – CE marked.
  • 2 year guarantee


Design Characteristics of the Fritsch P19 Cutting Mill


  • Rotor speed of 2,800rpm.
  • Interlocking of all housing components, when the housing is closed.
  • Brake motor safety switch, which interlocks with the cover and housing.
  • Easy to clean and remove the cutting elements without tools.
  • Cutting blades, which can be re-sharpened 3 times before replacement.
  • Sound proofed motor cover.
  • Bench mounting and available as a stand alone instrument.


In combination with the cyclone separator, a strong vacuum is produced (based upon negative pressure), which allows for a rapid throughput of sample material, with good cooling. The Fritsch cyclone, also effectively prevents material from escaping during the milling process.