P15 Cutting Mill

Pulverisette 15 cutting mill

The P15 cutting mill is suitable for the grinding of soft to medium to hard dry materials such as animal feeds, bones, fibres, wood, non-metallic waste, dried meat and straw, with a maximum feed size of 60mm and a throughput of upto 50Kg/hour. This cutting mill may be used to mill a minimum sample quantity of approximately 50g.

The P15 cutting mill contains a grinding chamber, which contains three fixed blades to effect size reduction. The processed material remains in the grinding chamber until the desired particle size has been achieved before passing through a sieve cassette into the collecting vessel.

The alignment of the rotor blades in the cutting mill, are with a cutting geometry, which adapts to the material, as it is cut and ground. The three fixed blades in the chamber are set at different angles to both grind and crush the material as the rotor rotates at 2,800rpm.

The V shaped and the straight edged rotor blades can be re-sharpened two or three times each, before they need to be replaced. NB: If the rotor blades are re-sharpened the position of the three fixed blades needs to be adjusted to ensure the best milling results.


Advantages of the Fritsch P15 Cutting Mill

  • Fast reproducible grinding.
  • Adaptable to a wide range of applications due to a comprehensive range of accessories.
  • Different rotor blades are available to suit the cutting process appropriate to the material.
  • Supported rotor blade at the both the front and at the back of the grinding chamber.
  • Specific particle size is achievable with the different sieve cassettes – 0.25mm to 2mm with trapezoidal perforations and 4mm to 6mm
  • Easy cleaning of the both the grinding chamber and the components.
  • Safety tested – CE marked.
  • 2 year guarantee.


Design characteristics of the P15 Cutting Mill


  • High rotor cutting speed of 2,800rpm.
  • All the housing components inter-lock when the housing is closed.
  • Brake motor safety switch, which inter-locks with the cover and housing.
  • Automatic recognition of the rotational direction (for protecting the rotor).
  • The grinding chamber has been externally anodised for improved cleaning.
  • Dust free cutting chamber.
  • Sound proofed motor cover.
  • The cutting rotor and the sieve cassette can easily be removed without tools.