Ohaus Ranger 7000

Ranger 7000



Advanced Features Take Industrial Weighing to the Next Level

Ranger 7000 has ten advanced application modes for a variety of complex applications which minimize the need for manual calculations, and can also control peripheral devices and/or a scale platform with option kit.

Fast Performance and Legal for Trade Certifications assure Accurate Results

With a one second stabilization time, up to 75,000d or 350,000d display resolution and legal for trade certifications, Ranger 7000 provides the precision that cannot be matched by any scale in its class.

Sturdy Industrial and Modular Design Support Flexible and Heavy-Duty Use

Ranger 7000 was developed to thrive in rugged and harsh industrial environments. This modular scale was built with IP54 cast metal housing and sealed metal indicator to ensure durability.

Cutting-Edge SmarText™ 2.0 Software Powers the Technologically Advanced Ranger 7000

With SmarText 2.0 software and a 4.3 inch graphic display, the advanced functionality of Ranger 7000 is simple to use with minimal training.

Standard Connectivity with Flexible Options

The data produced by Ranger 7000 can be easily exported through the standard RS232 or USB device port. Additional connectivity options include a second RS232 or Ethernet, and standard USB host port for bar code scanner or flash drive. Through the RS232/USB/Ethernet and barcode scanner, a complete inventory control system can be set up through a single scale, considerably reducing the investment associated with more complex systems. With full GLP/GMP data output, Ranger 7000 can help meet traceability and compliance requirements.

Print Templates

A total of seven print templates are available to ensure you can print out all of the data you need. Simple and standard pre-defined templates are available for quick printing as well as five templates you can customize so you can print the exact information necessary for your application, eliminating confusion and time to sift through excess unnecessary data.

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