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All new ETI orders placed before 31st July 2015 will receive a minimum of 20% discount from list price. A few highlighted products are displayed below;



The Saf-T-Log® HACCP Recording Thermometer 

No other temperature recording system records data this intuitively at this price!

With Penetration probe

Special offer price £109.50


PTR 4 channel printing thermometer

Printing Temperature Recorder – PTR printing thermometer (order no. 226-275)

Four channel interchangeable thermocouples; temperature range -200°C to 1372 °C; features real date/time clock; prints on demand or at user set intervals; personalised hard copy print-out

Special Offer price £280*  *price excludes probe



Industrial Thermometers Therma 1, 3 & Elite

(order nos. 221-107; 221-041; 221-043; 221-061)

FREE traceable calibration certificate; wide temperature range; Elite model with max/min & backlight; 5 years minimum battery life

Special offer price from £32*  *price excludes probe



SuperFast Thermapen® thermometers

(order no. 231-227)

over 50% faster than traditional probes; reaches temperature in just 3 seconds; FREE traceable calibration certificate; water resistant case; range of colours available

Special offer price £38.40 


Legionaires Test Kit

Legionnaire’s or Legionella thermometer kit

(order no. 860-860)

Legionnaire’s / Legionella thermometer kit specifically designed for legionnella testing; 0.1°C resolution; probes included; FREE certificate of calibration.

Special offer price £96.40