Mortar Grinder

Pulverisette 2 mortar grinder

Pulverisette 2 mortar grinder

This instrument has been specifically designed for the grinding of materials using a combination of both pressure and friction. It is suitable for soft to medium-hard materials and may be used for loss free grinding in suspension.

During operation, the mortar bowl is rotated, which in turn drives the (free rotating) pestle by friction. Pressure is applied is applied by the pestle on the mortar bowl in the vertical and horizontal directions and an integrated scraper turns the sample and guides it back towards the pestle.

All parameters can be set during the operating mode, enable reproducible grinding conditions to be consistently obtained. The mortar bowl has a dust tight seal enabling loss free grinding to take place. It is also possible to add liquids (such as nitrogen), whilst the grinding is taking place. 

Advantages of the Fritsch P2 Mortar Grinder

  • Fast, reproducible grinding.
  • Visual inspection of the grinding process.
  • Dust tight grinding chamber.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Safety tested – CE marked.
  • 2 year guarantee.

Design Features of the Fritsch P2 Mortar Grinder

  • Precise adjustment of the pestle down force during grinding.
  • Removal of the pestle and mortar without tools.
  • High centralised mortar bowl.
  • Large acrylic glass window, for viewing during grinding.
  • Splash proof membrane keyboard.
  • Digital timer.
  • Safety switch for monitoring all operation modes.

PULVERISETTE 2 Mortar Grinder Datasheet