Freeze Dryers

Flexible freeze drying systems for optimized processes:

Based on over 50 years of experience, Martin Christ presents a comprehensive product range covering routine applications as well as reliable equipment for individual and product specific drying processes. The newly introduced freeze dryers with LDplus- and LSC-controller set new standards for flexibility and process control. The modular accessory line allows for individual system configurations adaptable to almost every freeze-drying application. Two different drying techniques provide a solution to most lyophilisation challenges.

Your choice on two different freeze drying processes:

Single-Chamber-System (Process A, only for units with LSC-Controller):

Freezing and drying of low freezing and thermosensitive substances on cooled shelves (e.g. at -40°C) inside the ice condenser chamber (see figure 1)

Typical drying vessels:

  • dishes
  • injection vials (stoppering under vacuum or inert gas)

Double-Chamber-System (Process B):

Separate pre-freezing (e.g. in a deep freezer) and drying of less sensitive material outside the ice condenser chamber (see figure 2)

Typical drying vessels:

  • dishes
  • injection vials (stoppering under vacuum or inert gas)
  • round-bottom-flasks, wide neck filter bottles
  • ampoules

  1. vacuum pump
  2. ice condenser chamber
  3. condenser coil
  4. acrylic cover
  5. drying chamber
  6. heatable shelf
  7. vacuum-gauge
  8. drain valve
  9. engine driven intermediate valve
  10. stoppering device
  11. pressure control valve
  12. aeration valve
  13. rubber valve
  14. thermal insulation


Special features of Martin Christ freeze dryers:

  • Compact and powerful benchtop units with minimized space requirements.
  • Modular concept for easy enlargement of the capacity with comprehensive range of accessories.
  • Ice condenser chamber with inner condenser coil of high-quality steel allows for efficient vapour deposition.
  • High-quality insulation of the ice condenser chamber reduces performance losses and avoids condensate formation.
  • Ice condenser can be checked visually; easily accessible; rapid, easy defrosting and cleaning.
  • Drying chamber is located directly above the ice condenser chamber with large cross-section provides high sublimation performance and reduced drying times.
  • Pressure regulation for exact temperature control of the material analog to the vapour pressure curve for ice and water.
  • Process-oriented control interfaces LDplus (Lyo-Display) and LSC (Lyo-Screen-Control) for exact and reproducible measurement and control of all process relevant parameters, like vacuum, shelf temperature.Ice condenser capacities for every individual application:When selecting the suitable freeze dryer the following points have to be considered besides the decision on the accessories and drying vessels:
    • The required ice condenser temperature (-55°C for aqueous material, -85°C for products containing solvents or low-eutectic material).
    • The maximum ice condenser performance (capacity per 24 hours resp. total capacity until defrosting). Make your choice out of the comprehensive range of basic units and individual accessories.