New Julabo Chillers

Coming Soon

The New Julabo Corio units meet all the expectations of Julabo users. Qualities such as reliability, accuracy and ease of use with large easily read displays, these units offer all the technical functions required for routine applications in laboratories.

CORIO™ offers many advantages

  • Models for internal and external applications
  • Bright, white display, easy to read even from a distance
  • Particularly quiet
  • Easy to switch from internal to external circulation (models with CORIO™ CD)
  • USB connection (models with CORIO™ CD)
  • High-quality, transparent bath tanks
  • High-quality, stainless steel bath tanks
  • More useable bath volume due to the space-saving cooling coil
  • Bath cover and drain tap
  • Removable venting grid
  • Refrigeration unit without side vents
  • The power switch of the circulator also controls the refrigeration unit
  • The refrigeration unit is monitored by the circulator