Vapodest+30s Vapodest rapid steam distillation systems can be subdivided into two categories; Programmable and Programmable with titration.

Programmable Vapodests are suitable for the analyses Kjeldahl, ammonia, nitrogen, sulphur dioxide, ethanol, phenols and cyanide in a wide variety of samples. MORE



Kjeldatherm+Digestion+Systems+KB8 Traditionally soils, sediments, sludges, foods and other materials have been digested using Sulphuric acid in large round-bottomed flasks for Kjeldahl or Phosphate analysis.

Designed to make the most efficient use of space available Kjeldatherm Digestion Systems simultaneously digest multiple samples.

Modern Kjeldahl digestion systems

Traditional Kjeldahl digestion systems


soxtherm406_200x200 Soxhlet extraction was originally designed for the extraction of a lipid from a solid material. However, a Soxhlet extractor is not limited to the extraction of lipids.

The Gerhardt Soxtherm automates and speeds the extraction process and can evaporate and recover the solvent. By immersing the sample in hot solvent the extractable material is removed more quickly than the traditional method. MORE


Fibretherm+FT12 Gerhardt supply three different system types for crude fibre / ADF / NDF / MADF analysis, Fibrebag Systems, Fibretherm fully automated System and of course the Traditional system. MORE






For the measurement of total fat in food and feed, fat bound to protein must be liberated prior to soxhlet extraction.Traditional methods involve the digestion of food and feed with strong Hydrochloric acid, in beakers on a hotplate, in order to digest the protein and to free the bound lipids. After digestion the sample is filtered, washed, dried then extracted by Soxhlet. Acid digestion of the sample filtration and washing of the filtered sample and filter paper have all been fully automated in the new Gerhardt Hydrotherm. MORE

Dumatherm+with+Laptop+new+front DUMATHERM, offered by C. Gerhardt is a highly efficient, precise and fast alternative to Kjeldahl for the determination of Nitrogen. For most sample matrices, it is a real alternative to other classical procedures. In the Dumas method, a sample is burned in an oxygen rich atmosphere at high temperature and the resulting gases analysed. The direct analysis of all resulting gases provides the user with results within 2-3 minutes. MORE