Dumas Combustion


Dumatherm Nitrogen / Protein Analyser

Rapid Nitrogen Determination according to Dumas

DUMATHERM, offered by C. Gerhardt is a highly efficient, precise and fast alternative to Kjeldahl for the determination of Nitrogen. For most sample matrices, it is a real alternative to other classical procedures. In the Dumas method, a sample is burned in an oxygen rich atmosphere at high temperature and the resulting gases analysed. The direct analysis of all resulting gases provides the user with results within 2-3 minutes.

Thanks to the construction of the instrument, the DUMATHERM has hardly any wear and tear parts, which reduces costs for service significantly. Operation and control of the apparatus is done entirely via PC using the Dumatherm Manager.

During each measurement the total amount of nitrogen is analysed with a detection limit of 0.01 mg N absolute. The maximum detectable amount of nitrogen is 50 mg nitrogen from sample weights up to 1g.

The Dumatherm system can be supplied with manual sample entry or a 40-position auto-sampler, which can be easily expanded to 80 or 120 positions. Loading of the auto-sampler is also possible during analysis. The manual sample entry system can be easily upgraded to an auto-sampler in the future.

Dumatherm is entirely controlled and operated using the controlling software Dumatherm Manager. This software is capable of handling all parameters of the instrument and analysis, documentation function and system diagnosis.

Data Interpretation

All analysis data is stored in a coarse data base (history) and can be copied from this table into Excel data files for interpretation. For a series of samples or a single sample, a detailed print out of the analysis parameter and the results, including an error calculation can be obtained.