Compact Centrifuge

Sigma 2-6 Compact Centrifuge

SIGMA 2-6E centrifuge


No. 10208 (230 V, 50/60 Hz)
No. 10209 (120 V, 60 Hz)


  • Laboratory centrifuge for small and middle sample sizes.
  • Spincontrol Easy
  • Illuminated symbol keys start, stop, lid open
  • Brushless drive practically maintenance-free.
  • Speed preselection up to 3.900 rpm.
    Low speed operation from 100 rpm possible.
  • Double lid locking device with latches
  • Automated opening of lid; switchable.
  • Accoustic signal; switchable.
  • No need to open the casing for emergency lid lock release
  • Window in the centrifuge lid for external speed control
  • Lid can easily be opened due pneumatic swing support
  • Produced according to national and international safety regulations (e.g. IEC 1010).


For a list of rotors and accessories download the datasheet Sigma 2-6, 2-6E