Binder Ovens

Binder Heating Oven

A BINDER heating oven or heating chamber is up to any task thanks to its wide temperature range – whether efficient drying, long-term controlled elevated temperatures or sterilization tasks for homogeneous temperature distribution.

The wide temperature range of the BINDER heating ovens and heating chambers of 5 °C above ambient temperature to 300 °C allows short heating up times and large power reserves

Whether by gravity or mechanical convection, the high standard of quality and process stability of our heating ovens and heating chambers goes without saying.

E series Heating oven with mechanical control

ED series Heating oven with gravity convection

FD series Heating oven with mechanical convection

FED series Heating chamber with mechanical convection

E series
ED series 23 to
FD series 23 to
FED series 53 to

Binder Safety drying ovens

Drying coating materials and paint made easy

Safety drying ovens from BINDER reliably dry up to 350 °C and ensure the perfect test result of your solvent-based paints and coating materials.

Whether drying coating material, car paint or paint: A BINDER safety drying oven ensures absolute temperature accuracy at a high air exchange rate and thus provides the basis for the best results qualitatively and reproducible tests

With the FDL and MDL series, you get high-quality safety drying ovens that meet all EN 1539 requirements and provide maximum work safety with intelligent fresh air monitoring.

FDL series – Safety drying oven

MDL series – Safety drying oven with expanded temperature range

The BINDER FDL 115 with silicone and dust-free inner chamber, as well as symmetric airflow dries specimens containing solvents and thus this safety drying oven meets all EN 1539 requirements.
The BINDER MDL 115 with enhanced control function works at temperatures up to 350 °C. This safety drying oven meets all EN 1539 requirements 1539 and is perfectly suited for high-temperature testing such as in the coil coating area.