Acid Hydrolysis


Gerhardt Hydrotherm

New – Fully automated Acid Hydrolysis for Total Fat analysis in food and feed.

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Hydrotherm is the only system worldwide to perform an automated acid hydrolysis for traditional total fat determination according to Weibull-Stoldt. Based on the classic method, the digestion is made with hydrochloric acid followed by a filtration using folded filters. The filters are dried and the fat can then be extracted on a Soxhlet apparatus including the rapid Soxtherm system. The automated procedure is a patented and revolutionary concept for the fat analysis.

All aspects of operational safety have been taken into consideration while designing the Hydrotherm. There is no more handling of hot acids or exposure to harmful acid fumes. The side benefit is the fact that the Hydrotherm can be safely operated outside a fume cabinet.

State-of-the-art controlling procedures ensure reproducibility of analysis and reduce technician time to a minimum. Up to 6 samples (3 modules with 2 extraction places each) can be digested and filtered simultaneously or independently of each other in a closed and monitored process. Hydrotherm is entirely operated and monitored using the easy to handle controlling software Hydrotherm Manager.

Hydrotherm and Soxtherm in combination simplify the determination of total fat. The time saving acid hydrolysis procedure is followed by the automated extraction using the Soxtherm rapid extraction system, which has been used successfully for many years. The user has the option of a 2, 4 or 6-place extraction system. The operation is performed using a PC with Soxtherm Manager or by using an external controller, Multistat.

Area of Application  – Hydrolysis and Extraction

Hydrotherm operates according to a variety of national and international regulations regarding the acid hydrolysis process. Hydrotherm may be used for many analytical procedures. Please contact us for applications according to your needs.

Hydrotherm is suitable for acid hydrolysis as sample preparation for Soxhlet, Soxtherm as well as other extraction systems for total fat determination in;

Milk and dairy products

Cereal and cereal products

Meat and meat products

Chocolate and cocoa products

Oil and oil seeds

Bread and bakery products


Fat in feed

Lipids in eggs and egg products

Fat in dietary products and many more